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sara martinson

Oh Nancy, my heat is breaking for you.

Sally Corbim

So sorry for your loss, sending love, hugs and prayers. Dan was such a great person.

Karen Carbonnet

My broken heart loves you Nancy.

Duane Ambrose

Nancy you do not know me. I am from Superior and went to UWS with Dan. Fond memories I have of his talent and kindness. I am wishing you all of God's wondrous love and support. It is obvious from the article you are not alone, but I want you to hear it again.

Ronald Mitchell

Thanks for sharing your story. I am recommending a book that I found helpful (Even better as a book on "tape") It's OK not to be OK

Laura Olson

How brave you are to share this Nancy. I continue to admire you. Hugs and prayers for your family.

Kurt Larsen

Nancy, though we’ve never personally met, through your gift of writing I think I know the depth of love and devotion you and Dan had for one another. Thank you for sharing his final days. Dan and I had started to reconnect during the past couple of years after many years separated us from our halcyon days in college at UWS and early radio careers in Duluth. I have nothing but great, forever memories with Dan during the late 70’s and early 80’s and I so wish we could have had more time to reminisce and relive those days again. Dan was a beautiful man. I know all the wonderful memories and love you had for one another will help carry you through the days, weeks and years ahead. I know the feeling. I lost my first love to AIDS in early 90’s and remember leaving the hospital in the middle of the night and returning to an empty house. Sheer loneliness and sorrow. You’ve got an enormous support group of family and friends and for that you are blessed. Stay strong Nancy and may your memories and love be your guide and provide you peace. I hope to personally meet you someday. I will monitor your blog for future plans.

Dick Benson

Nancy my thoughts and prayers are focused on you. Dan was a great guy who I knew since high school. You and Dan obviously were soulmates and I can't even imagine what you are going through. Thank you for sharing this personal note, I wish you well and hope that you do well. You will always have memories, cherish them. I will keep a look out for future plans. Stay safe.

Ginnee Berg

Dear friend, the strength it took for you to write this blog amazes me! Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You have an army that loves you dearly and will be there for you in a second!

Larry Brenner

Oh my God Nancy this is so well written through my tears please know how much you and Dan are loved and always will be..when the time is right I can’t wait to call you and tell you a few stories about my experiences with your husband one of the greatest guys ever please know each day will get just a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit easier but we will never forget. Please try to take some comfort in all the love out there. Thank you for posting this it sure helps in knowing what happened.


I'm pleased you shared. I'm terribly sad you had to . Uncle Ray.

Cheryl Hardy

You are amazing and I am so glad that Dan had you as his partner and love. May you feel his spirit with you always. I am so sorry.

bob yates

Nancy, I withdrew from FB years ago, so I tried to reach you on LinkedIn to tell you how sorry I was to hear of Dan's passing. Having lost both parents in the past year, I have some idea of the enormity of what you're feeling, but it's not the same; 62 is way too young for this outcome. Your writing really brought the sorrow and tragedy of that home to me, so thank you. Wishing you peace at this difficult time.

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