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I'm so glad he is doing well and can work from home. I think I was one of those people who laughed at how "prepared" you always were. Guess it paid off! Your garage is gold right about now. By the way, what time do you guys go to bed.....any alarms there? just asking for a friend of course. Stay healthy!!!


Nancy, I love you so much and you always make sense with what you say! I too, am a stocker! You were right when you said our mom’s lived during the depression and they stocked food and supplies. I diffenitly am my mother’s daughter too! I think Kelly and I would be good for at least a good six months.😊
I have thought about you and Dan and I am so glad to hear that he can work from home! Now....just because he is at home, don’t let him get to bossy! Remember!.... You are the ”Queen” of the house hold and if he doesn’t behave, he will be sent to my house , cleaning and cooking! 😎 ( We love Dan ❤️)
You take care of yourself too! Caregivers are so under rated and it’s such a difficult job! I do know Dan appreciates you a lot but in order to take care or support him, you need to take care of you !
At this time family and friends have to help each other out, if needed. I went to 3 stores to try and find butt wipe ( toilet paper) for my little brother who couldn’t find any, and just by “luck”, i got a big package for him at target (which you could only by one) You see Big Sister’s don’t let their little brother’s go with “ poopie butt’s”! 🧐...... Point is, if family and friend’s run short of something, let’s give and help them out..😊
Be safe sweet girl, keep us updated on Sweet Dan, i know he’s a tough guy, but we still worry about his well being ❤️
Sending Love ❤️ & ((((((Warm Hugs)))))) to you both! 🥰🥰
Ps....Puzzles are good to pass time too! To bad I don’t have any!! 🙄


So glad Dan is doing so well! Such great news!!!! Prayers that his recovery continues to keep him healthy. We all need to take the chaos of our current world, as a reason to slow down and to enjoy life together with those we love and cherish , one minute at a time.

Nancy J Mitchell

Thanks to all for the kind words of love and support. I guarantee you that we read each and every one and they are SO appreciated.
Stay safe.

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