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Susan J Berkson

Nancy, I worked with Dan at Clear Channel. You and I have not met, but your blog makes me feel it would be a privilege. I'm glad Dan has you on his side.


Thank you for the kind words, Nancy. Love and gratitude to you for all that you do.

It is nice to find ourselves at a place where we can celebrate being family and establish a bond in friendship as well. I am glad I was able to stay with you two and be of service during my time there. It was also really great to just share space with you both (and the dogs, too). There can be gifts that come from these difficult life transitions and what came from this visit was certainly that for me.

I did want to note that Willy did not have whooping cough (thank goodness), he has had his DTAP immunization shots so ideally he wouldn't ever get pertussis! He did have croup though, which is indeed an unpleasant experience that involves coughing, it is essentially bronchitis and when kiddos are young their larynx isn't fully developed so it can make it harder to breathe. It can be a bit scary but thankfully that cleared up in just a few days time. And the timing of the delayed visit seemed to work out just fine. 😉

Once again, thank you for all the kind words and for sharing about our dad's journey. He is not on it alone, he has an ideal teammate in you and I am grateful for that. And may the bonds continue to grow between us and may we collectively continue to support each other and celebrate our shared lives and family and friend connections to the best of our abilities. We are all in this together after all!



Nancy J Mitchell

Nice to "meet" you even if it is in a virtual sense. Thank you for your incredibly kind words. We appreciate the good wishes so much!

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