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Jane Geiger

Always, always there for you Dan and Nancy. If you need a dinner, a driver or a diversion call on me. You got this Dan, tons of us are right along side of you. A year from now you will be so sick of all of us that you'll sneak away to some mountaintop or seashore with this all far behind you. Jane


One million thanks for sharing this blog!

Patty, I appreciate your willingness to help create this. It's really appreciated.

Nancy, your storytelling is mighty enjoyable to take in, which is refreshing considering the news you are having to deliver.

So much love and gratitude to all those in supporting roles.

I am looking forward to coming and visiting soon and being of service in any and every capacity I can while there. Until then, the juju, prayers, well wishes, and all that good stuff will continue to be broadcast your way from over here in the Pacific Northwest.

Ginnee Berg

You are both loved so much and we are here for you anytime day or night! You got this and soon we will all be celebrating remission! I know that I’m my heart and soul! I love you both tons!!!

Gary Setrum

Your cancer picked on the wrong guy.
They only build tough guys in Superior, Wisconsin.
Guys that can ref hockey games with crushed vertebrae for Christ’s sake.

Listen to your Doctors and occasionally to Nancy, play with your dogs and get better.

I look forward to skating with you again soon.
You can give a hell of pregame speech about what you’ve been going through.
Very inspirational.
I’ll make sure and have a jug of some decent wine for you in my referee bag for you.

Nancy, we’ve never met but Dan is always talking about you. I think he’s pretty whipped on you.


Gary Setrum

Christopher Gabriel

In my earliest days in radio - as in, Day One - you were one of the people who shaped my work, my approach and ultimately, my career. You take that same approach and put this damned cancer in your rear view mirror! I hated reading this but knowing you, I know damn well you will knock this out the way you do production orders: thoroughly, with no need to revisit anything.

Much love to you and Nancy from too far away.

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